5 Pep-Talks to Help You Seize the Day

Giving a pep-talk is something of an art form. A good pep-talk will leave you speechless (or grunting manly chants) but not weak. Your mind, heart, and soul will be emblazoned with a fiery desire to do... something. Anything, really. Some days, a good pep-talk is all we need to get our blood pumping, our creative juices flowing and our gears grinding.

WARNING, viewing the following videos may result in:

  • Sprinting up a mountain
  • Investing all of your money into volatile stocks
  • Asking out that cute girl you've had your eye on
  • Threatening a bully who is more than 3x your size

These pep-talks are chicken soup for the passionate soul.
Eat up, my friend.

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