52 Blog Topics to Get You Started

Tell Stories

When we go back to our roots - stories were how we communicated. It allowed us to show others what we understood and why we understood it instead of trying to trick them, seduce them, or force them into aligning their worldview with ours. Stories often resonate with people because it leads them to a familiar experience. Sometimes those familiar experiences are ones that tap into an old memory and bring back to life a wealth of emotion. Sometimes, however, we can tell a story that takes people back to experiences they wished they had. This is equally as powerful as we are able to give them a taste of what can be instead of what was. We can inspire, connect, explain, and resonate through story.

Tell me what your ideal customer [i.e. reader or subscriber] believes, at the most emotional and primordial level, and then you can tell me the story you’ll craft and live and deliver that engages with that belief.
— Seth Godin

I have put together a list of 52 Blog Topics to give you an action plan for the next year (post once per week). These topics will allow you to Inspire, Equip, Counsel and Refer your readers, engaging them on a personal and meaningful level. Tell beautiful stories!


1. [Cool Reader] Breaks World Record in [Something in Your Industry]

2. Extreme [Your Value Offering]

3. The Story of How One [Your Value Offering] Saved a Life

4. Go [Activity] with [Cool Reader]

5. Adventures for the [Target Demographic]

6. Behind the Scenes with [Cool Reader]

7. How [Cool Reader] Used [Your Value Offering] to [Something Interesting]

8. Non-Traditional Ways Readers Like You are Using [Your Value Offering]

9. We Can Help You Build a Better Life.

10. [Cool Reader] Wanted to [His Dream]. We could help.

11. How One Man/Woman Changed His/Her Life


12. How We Can Help You Start [Project]

13. # Unseen Benefits of [Your Value Offering]

14. Pursue Your Dreams. Here's How We'll Help.

15. How to Save [time/money/energy etc] Using [Your Value Offering]

16. The Best Resources I Use to Run [Your Blog]

17. How We Achieve Quality Standards

18. Awards and Honors - [Year]


19. How We Overcame Failure

20. # Qualities We Look for In Our [Employees/Partners/Guest Writers]

21. The Mark of a Great [Industry Occupation]

22. # Ways You Can Serve in [Your Industry]

23. Our Take on [Company Value]

24. What Does Our Mission Statement Mean for You?

25. Common Misconceptions of [Your Industry]

26. Here's What You Need to Know About [Your Project/Industry]

27. Overcoming [Huge Industry Struggle]

28. Why [Your Value Offering] Over [Competition's Product]?

29. What [Advancements] Means for [Your Industry]

30. Stop [Inefficient Industry Action You're Trying to Solve]. There's a Better Way.

31. Our Top 10 Most-Asked Questions

32. Making Decisions is Hard. Let Us Help You Narrow Your Choices.


33. Other Products that Work Well with [Your Value Offering]

34. What the Experts are Saying About [Industry Issue]

35. Our Favorite Industry Leaders to Follow

36. The Best [Places/Reasons/Ways] to Use [Your Value Offering]

37. Industry Tips and Tricks to Help You Succeed

38. # Changes to [Your Value Offering] Inspired by Your Feedback


39. Refer Us to Someone and You'll Both Benefit

40. Celebrate the [Major Sports Team]'s Win with [Discount %] Off

41. Ask Us Anything!

42. Our Top Pic(k)s from Instagram

43. Help Us Help You


44. How We Got Started

45. A Day in the Life of a(n) [Quality of You - i.e. Chocolate Milk Drinker]

46. Want to Work With Us?

47. Help Us Support Our Troops

48. [Holiday Greetings] - Here's How You Can Get [Holiday Sale/Discount]

49. Check Out Our [Employee/Writer] of the Month

50. Check Out Our Reader of the Month

51. Product Tutorials

52. Troubleshooting Video Posts

For real masters, stories are vehicles. They don’t tell stories to tell stories. They tell stories to create emotions.
— Frank Daniel