7 Reasons to Begin Blogging

Written from Brienz, Switzerland

I have started blogging on at least three occasions, failing each time within months. I found myself unable to keep to a posting schedule, unable to write anything of worth to anyone else and lacking motivation to write anything at all six days out of the week. This was, in part, due to my inability to write well which was prolonged by a multi-year long stint of reading nothing but school text books and photography gear reviews. Whatever the case may have been, I have found myself increasingly motivated to write over the past year and a half which has resulted in this blog and a corresponding book. So what changed? My purpose.

This post goes out to the courageous ones who want to start blogging. To you, I want to simply ask, "why?".

Your purpose not only helps to define your blog but to motivate your blog. It will guide you in how you write, what you write, when you write, and simply, to write. Below, I have listed seven reasons to blog - both internal and external. Bottom line, you must want to write because when it comes down to it, you can't not write.

All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.
— Earnest Hemingway



1. Vibrant Living -- via a forced awareness of the deeper implications of life's happenings

One of the greatest gifts that I have been given by writing is the gift of sight. Life doesn't slip by unnoticed anymore. Every conflict, every victory, every blessing is lived in the most vivid colours, engaged at every corner, every wrinkle. At first, I was frightened by the amount of evil that would inevitably peek its head out. But on the contrary - I have reveled in the amount of blessings I had carelessly taken for granted.


2. Digital Memoir -- via recording your progression and growth

One of my personal reasons for using the beloved, social, micro-blogging platform, Twitter, has been that it acts as a digital journal for me. I've never been one to write down my thoughts each day as it proved tiring and boring. However, Twitter is most often used to record those thoughts that mean something more (at least, that is how I have used it). Using a web application called IFTTT, every tweet I send is copied and pasted into a master list in Evernote. I can now search any Tweet using Evernote's search function and can scroll back through my Tweets to "read my journal". In the same way - perhaps a more extensive way - blogging acts as that digital journal.


3. Refined Communication - via a deliberate writing schedule

Admittedly, I am not the best writer out there - not even close. However, I have noticed a marked improvement in my writing even since the genesis of this blog just a few months ago. Daily practices have a wonderful habit of becoming second nature, allowing those of us who aren't as naturally skilled at a task to catch up with the rest of you guys. The more often we practice communicating well, the better at it we become.


4. Clearer Thinking - via practiced reasoning and simplification

Refining your thought processes allows you to find the crux of a concept - the bare bones - and communicate that rather than the fluff that so often gets thrown around. This allows you to seek truth from amongst the clutter.




5. Service - via consistent, free, usable content

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Millions and millions of people scour blogs every day - many of them requesting new posts to be sent directly to their inbox each morning! We love blogs because it is a constant stream of new, free content by select writers we love, each day. It's hard to get better than that! You, as the writer, now have a unique position of being the producer instead of the consumer - a task easier said than done. But remember what I said in the beginning? Have something to say so strongly that you can't not say it. Write so that you tip the scales in favor of better information.


6. Increased Credibility - via an intensified, personal study of a subject and your corresponding analysis

The amateur bee-keeper who writes about his experiences on his blog snow-balls more credibility with each post than the expert bee-keeper who never touches a keyboard. The reason is exposure. Your job is to leverage it so that you are "owning the market" in a particular subject. What is it that you are passionate about? What do you have to say so strongly that you can't not say it? Become the expert.


7. Strengthened On-line Presence - via quantity and popularity of branded content

Thanks to the popularity and availability of the internet, we have come to rely on it as a huge source of identity. How you brand yourself (a future post) online can become either an asset or a hindrance. Strengthening your online presence so that you are "up on the times" can often prove beneficial in the workplace, especially within your chosen industry.

If you've decided to take the leap into the bloggisphere, here are 7 Good Blogging Habits to help you not burn out. Also, here's How to Start Your Blog.

You've got this! I believe that the rewards are great but it certainly takes an enduring will to stay at the task. Email me, comment below or shoot me a text if you ever have any questions! I want to help you.

With love and hope,