99u Local: Baton Rouge Creative Conference

For those who aren't familiar with 99u, it's a Behance project (Behance is owned by Adobe) that is focused on:

Making ideas happen.

They have an incredibly insightful blog with fantastic resources for creatives and entrepreneurs. They also host a conference in New York City every year that's kind of a huge deal and brings in speakers like Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker, John Maeda of eBay, Joe Gebbia of Airbnb, Jack Dorsey of Twitter.

Anyway, this year, they decided they would allow 28 cities around the world to host 99u Local conferences. Each Local conference would be tailored to the local culture and feature local speakers and sponsors but retain the 99u brand and conference structure.

Baton Rouge was chosen to be a host city alongside creative melting pots such as Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Nashville, and Hong Kong!

I'm so proud of this city and its creative community. It will, no doubt, grow into one of the creative hubs of the South - we're seeing huge shifts in that direction already (this conference being one of them)!

Several of my friends and I made up the board that put this event on, organizing everything from food, speakers, venues, marketing, sponsors and so much more. After five months of planning, the event finally went live on Meetup.com and shortly after we were sold out with even more on the waiting list.

This past Tuesday, the event took place in a sweet venue called The Creative Bloc in downtown Baton Rouge. The house was packed out with Louisiana creatives in fields ranging from design to painting to architecture to music. Our speakers were on point, bringing wisdom and insight from their years of experience in making ideas happen. The food, catered by @foodiepatutie, brought its own flair of Louisiana cuisine to the party alongside Tin Roof's own brew. Altogether, we enjoyed an intimate evening of creativity amongst good company.

It was an evening this city deserved.

If you weren't able to make it, we look forward to seeing you next year! In the mean time, you can watch a replay of the conference live stream!