America the Beautiful - Blessings amidst the Struggle

Did you watch the SuperBowl this year? I had the uh... TV on? That's about it. I was mainly there for the food. However, as a marketing major, I do love watching the SuperBowl Commercials! Without fail, there will be beautifully put together commercials, stupid commercials, funny commercials and tons of beer commercials! This year was no different. One of the beautiful commercials that I saw was the Coca-Cola commercial, "America the Beautiful" (watch below).

I think that it is incredibly cool that brands have begun to market their products and services by tying them to values and ideals that the company holds dearly. Products are products. Values supersede the physical and give a larger-than-life picture that people want to hold on to.

Coca-Cola did just this, reminding us of the beauty of America. While we have our fair share of troubles, we have been blessed with more than our fair share of beauty.


Jacob Jolibois