An Introduction to "ARROWS"

Let me tell you a story about how this all started... Last summer I was traveling with Missionaries for America Program (MAP) as their male intern. One of our stops was in Little Rock, Arkansas where we were planning on doing a youth-focused, week-long, intensive Biblical training camp. While on the road, we are often split up into small-ish groups to go with families who have graciously opened their homes for us to stay in for the week. At this particular point I stayed with a woman named Mrs. Vera. She was a kind, grandmotherly sort of lady who put up with our goofing off, let us eat whatever we could find in the kitchen and told us wonderful stories. In particular, stories of her past. We heard all about her childhood, how she met her husband and... her pride and joy - her children. As she begin to retell each of the memories from raising her kids, her eyes sparkled. She spoke with a fondness and a love that only a mother could have. And her favorite story to tell was of the revival where she, her husband and several of her children all came to know Christ.

It was her love for the Gospel and her unwavering dedication to seeing her children know Christ for themselves that inspired me to begin working on "Arrows". Its really a short-n-sweet concept - missions begins in the home with our children. The reason that I find it to be such a worthwhile investment of my time and energy is I, at 21 years old, have already seen a misrepresentation of what people believe "missions" to be and the consequences that follow. In this short book I hope to clear up the misconception in order that the teaching and proclamation of the Gospel is put back in its rightful place in the priorities of the home.

If time allows, I hope to update this blog with short posts that include stories, quotes, statistics, and ideas that I have gathered to illustrate my point so that by the time I can give this book to y'all, perhaps the work will already be started in your own homes!

May God bless you! Jacob Jolibois

Jacob Jolibois