An Invitation to Intimacy

In the military, officers and drill sergeants are tasked with the grueling responsibility of breaking down a civilian and building them back up as a soldier. In the process, recruits have every metaphorical rug yanked from beneath them — comfort, victory, security, love, belonging... all stripped away.

Pushed to exhaustion and on the verge of collapse, these men and women have only one assurance on which to rely: their brothers and sisters next to them. Story after story is told of men and women who, even when their own personal will to press on had faded, looked to their right and their left and leaned in to the challenges because they refused to let each other down. Within months, complete strangers became family.

It isn't a strange phenomenon — we see microcosms of this event all around us. At work, we rally alongside our co-workers who are in the trenches beside us. In the classroom, we team up with fellow students who are assigned that same tedious homework. As our trials increase, we naturally draw closer to those struggling with us through it. The more difficult the journey, the deeper the intimacy. I love that this is how God has hardwired us as human beings — to embrace and strengthen relationships when we need them most. And those relationships are often those that last a lifetime. When we see trials, we can default to complaining and more than likely no one will blame us for it. But in our complaints we are missing a beautiful opportunity.

Every trial is an invitation to deeper intimacy with Jesus.

My prayer is that no one walks through their trials alone but that their brothers and sisters would rally around them and walk with them through it. But no matter what we're going through — even when it feels like we're going through it alone — He's beside us. That's a beautiful promise that reframes every struggle and every challenge and points me to Jesus.