The Difficult Path to Health and Balance Starts Here

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know that I enjoy diving dow the rabbit hole of personality tests. Not only do I find it entertaining to try to guess which personality types my friends are, I find it so unbelievably insightful for my own personal discovery.

This morning I was reading through “How The Enneagram System Works” and was fascinated at all of the levels of depth that help refine each individual’s personality down to a single, highly accurate profile. If you’re interested you can check out my Enneagram Profile. I’m a 3.

One of the most interesting metrics by which you can refine your type was by whether or not you are a healthy version of your type. I’m not referring to how physically fit you are, but rather how balanced you are as a person. There could be a healthy 3 and an unhealthy 3 standing next to each other and, though they’re the same personality type, they would seem very different. The unhealthy 3 would display the 3’s weaknesses in very obvious, damaging ways. The healthy 3, on the other hand, would display the strengths of the 3’s type and will have a more balanced response to life.

The key to moving up the levels of healthiness (there are 9 levels) is how well balanced you are between your dominant type (for me, 3) and the other types (there are 9 types). The more you can integrate the strengths of each type into your life, the more healthy of a person you’ll be.

Okay, so here’s the point to all of this (aside from nerding out and having fun!) — if you understand your strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, desires and fears, you’ll be ahead of a vast majority of the population. Bravo! If you can then leverage the power of the interwebs and do a little Googling, you can paint a mental picture of what it would look like to be a balanced version of yourself and use that picture to guide you in your personal growth.

Self-reflection is a sometimes challenging practice but it gives you a road map toward better enjoying life, contributing to the world and being fulfilled.