Big Business Isn't Cool Anymore

Just one generation ago, big business was where everything happened. Now, we're in an age of entrepreneurship and limitless potential. In the past, people would work at one job their entire lives - today, people quit, move on, start their own projects, enjoy the freedom, collaborate, explore and take risks.

Some of these risks have manifested themselves in game changing ways. Entire industries have been expanded, modified or completely disbanded because of brave people willing to go for it. Boundaries in innovation, creativity, industry, business and technology should be pushed - the results are empowering.

Let's take a look at a few...


Book Publishing

A writer and entrepreneur that I follow, Colin Wright, travels the world while working remotely from his laptop. He lives in each location for four months or so before moving to a new country chosen by his blog readers. His approach to publishing has provided him with the opportunity to become a full-time vagabond, make money, do what he loves and tell the incredible stories that arise from his adventures. To date, he has published nearly 30 books as eBooks or hard-copy books through the publishing company he co-founded, Asymmetrical Press.


Music Production

You may be familiar with the band We the Kings. A year ago, they crowd-funded their new album "Somewhere Somehow" through the crowd-funding platform, IndieGoGo. After its release, the album charted #2 on iTunes just beneath Beyonce! They ditched a traditional record label and set out to pursue a new album, empowered by their fans. Offering signed albums, posters, behind the scenes photo books, life-time back stage passes and even an opportunity for a contributor's band to open for We the Kings on tour, they were able to raise $149,483 - 427% over their $30,000 goal!


Film Production

Zach Braff, the main character from the popular TV show, Scrubs, launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his indie film, "Wish I Was Here". After his film Garden State rose to fame in 2004, he wrote another script for "Wish I Was Here" with his brother Adam, which grossed nearly half a million dollars it's first weekend. Definitely no blockbuster hit but an impressive feat given the situation! He had the guts to ask fans to raise $2,000,000 for this film and surpassed his goal with an incredible $3,105,473.



Have you heard of LIFE, Forbes, GQ, Country Living or Beauty? All of these magazines rose to fame and prominence through hard-copy, tangible, flippable magazines. They cost millions of dollars and were littered with ads. But then the web came along. All of the sudden magazines were able to go digital and smaller start-ups like Holstee were able to make their way onto the magazine scene. Bringing you content on mindful matter, each issue of Holstee's magazine is written and curated by Holstee writers. No ads. Just beautiful, thought-provoking content. You may recognize their viral manifesto as seen in video below.

The short of it is... big business isn't cool any more. We're being launched into an age of abundant opportunity. No longer are the keys to success limited to the rich or the privileged. Everyone can have a go.


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