Fight for what Matters & Let the Rest Go

I'm convinced that one of the greatest secrets to living harmoniously with people is choosing your battles. If the outcome of your opponent's side of the issue is either reversible, a matter of opinion or rates low on a scale of importance then it's often best to not say anything at all, smile and move on.

Because living in harmony is worth the price of not getting your way every once in a while.

It amazes me what minuscule issues people will pick fights over. Things like where to park or what to wear or what movie to see. They take these rifts seriously, defending their position with a vigor that I'm sure could be put to use on our military's front lines. And for what? So they can get there way every time? So they can be "right"? Please!

If we're being honest with ourselves, a majority of controversial things in life aren't worth arguing for or against. They're mostly just opinions about things that matter very little. So let them go. Let people have their opinions. Even if it offends you, if it isn't harming others, let them live their lives. The world will be a better place for it. Not only will being agreeable endear you to others but when you empower others to live the life that they want to live, you'll feel good about it too.

Remember, being agreeable doesn't mean being a yes man. You don't give up every battle — you simply choose to fight the battles that matter. When faced with an issue of morality, justice, truth or faith, you should make your case and stand your ground. Some things are worth divisive conflict because they are bigger than you.

If you fight for what matters and let the little stuff go, your life will change for the better.