A broken city is your invitation to serve, not leave.

Growing up, I heard person after person complaining about our city and dreaming of the day that they would get to move away. Move away to a city with more coffee shops. A city with more shopping malls. A city with more hipsters. A city with more parks. A city with more dog friendly cafes.

Within the entrepreneurial space, you will constantly hear phrases such as as, "solve your own problems." The premise being: if you encounter a problem, there are likely others encountering that same problem. What if, instead of evacuating cities, people started doing something about the problems that they see. What if we came together alongside others who share our concerns and dream up vibrant, innovative ways to make our city a home we're proud of! Perhaps then, instead of a few densely packed cities embracing growth, we'd have a country dotted with intimate communities embracing the quirks and nuances that each city's residents love.

You can shout excuses at me about funding, infrastructure and politics all you want but unless you've put your energy and resources behind a push for change, I'm betting you're just a complainer like the rest. Is there something in your city that you don't like? Maybe that's your invitation to go serve there. It's your city — start shaping it into what you want it to become.