How to overcome the 4 biggest fears holding you back.

There is a form of procrastination called perfect preparing.
— Neil Strauss

I am one of those people who loves things to be just so; I like my pens lined up in perfect rows on my desk and my coffee to be the perfect shade of tan (okay, it's not quite that bad). Sometimes, this desire for perfection in everything I do tends to cause this enormous pile of content that I have created but haven't put out there to the world. I've got about a hundred ideas in my Evernote notebooks that are marinating, waiting for me to cross the t's and dot the i's before I let them breathe.

One good idea executed and gifted to this world is worth more than one great idea that never comes to fruition. [t]

I've been trying to break this habit and, as a result, in the last eight months I have:

Questions and fears must be bombarding you right now. I know the feeling!


1. I don't know where to start

A valiant effort, but it won't fly anymore. Go here:

2. I don't know how to "publish" my work

I get that. It's sometimes pretty hard to figure out how to put your work out there on the right platforms and in the correct mediums. Allow me to point you in the right direction. Here is a curated list of resources (web tools, applications, companies, products, information hubs and services) that will help you 'click publish' on just about any project you're working on.

The Anti-Mediocrity Toolkit

If that doesn't do the trick, here's another great resource that I promise will help you out.

3. People will think I'm not good at what I do

When Nikon launched the D90 HDDSLR camera, it revolutionized the camera industry. It was the first camera of its kind (DSLRs) to shoot HD video as well as stills. The campaign blew up and the press went wild!

A few months later when Canon released their [significantly] better HDDSLR, it didn't get quite the hype that it probably should have. Nikon had already captured the attention and the respect of their audience.

Even if you believe that your audience will focus on the flaws, click publish. By doing so, you are already a step ahead of the people doing nothing.

4. I don't have the time

People who struggle with time the most are lawyers, doctors, cashiers, line workers, janitors, plumbers... everyone believes they don't have time in their schedule. The funny thing is that we all have the same minutes in a day as everyone else including the brilliant minds of history and this century. How we choose to divvy up our time is the deciding factor in our success.

Lack of time is a lack of priorities.
— Tim Ferriss, "The 4-Hour Workweek"

Begin implementing simple practices such as The Index Card to help you leverage your time and get things done.


You've got this, I know you do! It's time to push past the fears.

It's time to click publish.

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