I Love Complexity (no, it's not opposite day)

For a while, I believed everything would be better if it were simplified down to its most basic form. I mean, I even created a course called "Simplify" to help you minimize clutter and maximizing value. Simplicity is good right?

Think of a beautiful landscape. Rolling green hills, not a cloud in sight. As a designer living in a world that champions simplicity and spurns complexity, a beautiful sky takes the form of a smooth blue gradient with plenty of negative space.

I mean, just look at that sky. WOW!! A beautiful, clean blue with not a thing cluttering it up. Simply perfect.







But do you know what I love more? This.



I recently listened to John Maeda's TED talk, "Designing for Simplicity." He gave this example of the sky and in that moment I discovered something.

Complexity has its place.