Why everyone must become a content creator

Content creators are becoming some of the most valuable assets to brands. Companies and organizations often hire dedicated employees to fill these positions because they are beginning to understand that content tells a story and story is how we communicate. A content creator is a fairly intuitive term - it refers to someone who creates content to be digested by a specific audience to add value and spread awareness. We're not talking about ads. We're talking about blog posts, videos, images, social media posts and more.

Over the top networks are continuing to triple down on content, and with that comes the need to diversify their offerings. [...] They’re continuing to find content producers that have real brand equity in different genres — Like Jon Stewart, for example.
— Gary Vaynerchuk

Brands who want their story to be heard are looking for people to tell their story well. People who can do it a little bit of everything. They're looking for hybrids. So what does this have to do with you? Each of us — at least, those of us who want to be heard — have a personal brand whether we know it or not. You can think about it as your reputation, though it's more than that. This personal brand is shaped by the places we go, the people we hang out with, the activities we take part in, the products we buy, language we use... every variable that people intake about you factors into your personal brand. To be intentional about crafting our brand, we can't sit around and let others shape it for us - we have to take action and engage with our audience. This leaves us with two options:

Option 1: Hire a content creator for the brand of You. If you can do that... nice! For most of us, this isn't practical which means...

Option 2: We must become content creators ourselves no matter what our "job" is. To engage with our audience, we have to go where our audience engages. Most often, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Medium etc.

If you think these platforms are a silly waste of time, I assure you I know exactly where you're coming from. I've found myself in the same boat, ditching platforms in the name of simplicity. On the other hand, as we create and disseminate content, we're actively engaging with our audience. We're letting them know that we're plugged in... that we're listening. Investing resources and energy into taking care of your audience is important. We've moved from an age of transaction to an age of relationship.

You can tell your story through images, video, audio and words across more platforms than I can count. Creating content doesn't have to mean writing a book or creating a documentary. It could be an Instagram post or a Snapchat video. Short form content is not only acceptable but desired!

Fortune 500 brands are hiring people to develop their brands through creating short form content. We don't all have that luxury but we do have access to the same platforms they're using. We're not off the hook because we don't have a million dollar budget. We still have to do the work (the good news is the work is fun!).

Here's a great place to start: connect with me =)