Creativity isn't an accident

We're only given so much energy each day - it's a finite resource, yet people treat their life as though it's infinite. As though they'll be able to maintain a packed schedule full of things they don't love while squeezing in the things they do. Of course, we all know that when it comes down to it, when we have the choice at the end of the day to watch Netflix or work on our novel, Netflix will win out. And it's no wonder - we're exhausted! We can't emotionally and physically drain ourselves and expect to be able to squeeze in our passions in the last two hours of the day.

There's an advantage to not being the guy who's out partying every night of the week. There's an advantage to leaving weekends completely free sometimes. There's an advantage to making room for exercising your creativity instead of squeezing it into the cracks in your schedule. You're able to create and add value to the world.

You won't have the energy to be creative if you're wasting it on other stuff. Simplify your life.

Here are eight articles that will give you practical steps to craft a life full of value:

1. The Positive Impact of Quitting on our Quality of Life

2. A Brief Guide to Becoming Less Busy

3. Our Culture's Obsession with Foolish Habits (like staying busy)

4. The 40-Hour-a-Week-er's Guide to Rescuing Time

5. The Index Card (a simple method to simplifying your day)

6. Story Arc | A guide to help you declutter, reprioritize and take action in your life.

7. Making Every Minute Count