Let the Future Work for You

Buridan's Donkey - named after French philosopher Jean Buridan - is an illustration in philosophy in which a donkey that is equally hungry and thirsty is placed exactly midway between a stack of hay and a trough of water. Assuming that the donkey would choose whichever is closest, it would die, unable to make a rational decision and choose one over another.

I find myself often falling into a similar mental paradox in which I see multiple life directions for myself that are all equally fulfilling by their own merits and struggle to make a decision about which one I should pursue. In actuality, I have approximately 60 years of my life remaining (likely longer considering medical and technological advancements). This means that even if I had six different things I wanted to pursue, I could spend ten years on each one before I die.

Derek Sivers, author and founder of CD Baby, commented on this common struggle among young adults saying, "let the future work for you." In essence, barring any unexpected catastrophes, we have a lot of time with which to chase several dreams.

Let's not get stuck in the rut of trying to decide between two good things.