Please, Sir... don't waste my life.

The desert sun warms your face as you lay on your back, struggling to draw a breath. Your hand moves down to your side and you can feel the hot, sticky pool of red brightly staining your sand-colored BDUs. As you begin to feel your consciousness flutter, you flash back to the moment it all started.

You wonder, "what did I choose to give my life for?"
"Ahhhh," you whisper... "now I remember.

Its purpose is clear - the reverence of this day has been all but substituted for ribs and slip 'n' slides. To discount that truth would be a horrendous mistake.

However, as these social reminders steer our minds back to the somber origins of this day, we shouldn't let it stop mid-stride as that would undermine the very sacrifice of which we are being reminded.

"Remember the lives that we sacrificed..."
"...and please, sir... don't waste them."

Let this national memorial service act as an emboldening reminder that our freedom - purchased at a costly price - is to be valued and cherished! Those men and women, who's courage is said to "nerve a thousand living men" (Minot J. Savage), did not sacrifice their lives so that we might spend our days discontent with our jobs, bickering with our families, or wasting our time in front of the television. The freedom that they died for opens floodgates of opportunity for us to live vibrantly!

Remember their sacrifice this Memorial Day and live so that their lives will have not purchased unused freedom.

The patriot’s blood is the seed of Freedom’s tree.
— Thomas Campbell

What fruit will your tree bear?