The 6 Best Newsletters Entrepreneurs Should Subscribe To

I despise poorly designed, horribly written, non-valuable spammy emails... but I love receiving a great email. I meticulously curate my subscriptions. Because I love discovering great emails, I subscribe to countless lists. However, I quickly unsubscribe from any email list that doesn't bring value to my inbox.

Sending an email is a responsibility because each person who gave you their address is trusting you to give them something worth their while in return. Sadly, very few people or brands take that responsibility seriously. Every once in a while, however, I will hit upon an email goldmine. That's what these are. This list contains the best email newsletters and email courses that I have found after subscribing to countless lists over the years.


1. Email 1K

This email course by Noah Kagan of OkDork is, by far, the best source of email marketing education that I have found. Noah worked with Mint, the popular personal finance app, as their Marketing Director and grew their email list to over 30,000 subscribers before the product even launched! Following this incredible feat, he also founded AppSumo, the "Groupon of Digital Goods" and helped start SumoMe which gained over 1,000,000,000 (yes, that's a billion) unique visitors in a year. Obviously, he knows what he's doing. It's only 8 emails long, and every single one is packed full of actionable content.


2. Email University

Okay, I lied. Noah's "Email 1K" is tied with Mail Chart's "Email University" for best email marketing course. You would think that the two would overlap so much that it would be redundant but somehow they don't. I found valuable content in every email throughout this course even after going through all of Email 1K. At only four (though, admittedly long) emails, it's easily worth your time!


3. Tim Ferriss

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tim's work, he finds the top performers in the world in nearly every field - chess, martial arts, business, travel, meditation, memorization, body building etc. - and he draws out the common denominators that they all have that helps them achieve their success. Tim, as evidenced through his blog, books and social feeds, is a stickler for quality. If it won't bring a ton of value to his readership, he doesn't put it out there. Which is why I would highly recommend his newsletter. It's not often - maybe two a month - but it is nothing short of fantastic. It's usually a long-form email, similar to a blog post.


4. Founder's Cabin

Josh Pigford, founder of Baremetrics and dozens of other startups, created the Founder's Cabin email. It's a pretty unique newsletter as it's an article curation email, meaning there isn't any original content. Each week Josh sends out a new email that is chock full of the best articles on startups, business, marketing and tech that he has found while scouring the web. While some curation sites will give you one good piece of content in every ten, I read almost every single article he recommends.


5. MailChimp UX Newsletter

I use MailChimp to manage, design and send my email newsletters and I can't be happier (this isn't a sponsored plug). They're really that good! The same clean, beautiful, responsive design that permeates their user experience shows through in their email newsletter as well. When you sign up, you have the option to select Designer, Developer, Researcher or Other (or multiple of those) to help them send relevant emails your way with interesting stories, tools and insights into your chosen field.


6. Huckberry

Huckberry is a men's lifestyle brand. They sell high quality, well-designed gear from a variety of different companies that they have partnered with, spotlighting a select few each week. They also do an incredible job of putting together inspiring and informative articles for their blog. Not surprisingly, their email is just as dedicated to quality content, even going so far as to recommend articles from other sources on the web just so you have the best of the best each week. I include this one in the "Entrepreneurs" Must-Subscribe-To list because every business-minded entrepreneur needs a break from the business-y stuff and needs a little rugged, outdoors inspiration to get their blood pumping again. Huckberry will do the trick!


After many, many emails and clicking the unsubscribe button more often than I care to imagine, these six stand out by consistently bringing quality content, beautiful design at a non-spammy frequency. Give them a shot - I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you are, you can always unsubscribe.

Jacob Jolibois is the founder of The Archer's Guild, a content marketer at MESH - a Baton Rouge based marketing and advertising agency and a contributor to Lifehack. The only thing he likes better than a great idea is a great idea followed by purposeful action.