7 ProTips to Becoming an Evernote Ninja

Evernote is the best tool that I have found to help you live a smoother, stress-free life by helping you declutter and organize you mind with little effort. If you're new to Evernote, check out the crash course. I also wrote another post taking a deeper look at my personal system for organizing my Notes for those freaks like me who are interested in obsessive, organizational structure. While crammed with great information for the traditional Evernote users, these two posts didn't explore the cooler, lesser-known functions of Evernote. Let's move past the basics and show you a few tricks to becoming an Evernote ninja.


Import Folders

The "Import Folder" function acts similarly to Dropbox in that you point Evernote to a specific folder on your computer and anytime files are dropped into this folder, they are synced into Evernote. Due to the upload limit of 60MB of data per month, uploading ALL of your existing documents to Evernote could potentially take a few months. In that instance, I would encourage you to just download DropBox for your larger file-backup needs. That being said, being able to upload specific files to Evernote is a handy option. If you are working on papers for school or other smaller files like Word Documents, it's easy to set this up and have a backup in your Evernote account.

Hack: Combining DropBox and Evernote

1. Create a "Sync with Evernote" folder within your DropBox folder
2. Drop specific files into that folder
3. Now your files are easily synced across both platforms with no additional effort


Link Notes

Note linking is a great way to route you from one Note to another within Evernote by creating an internal hyperlink. Like a network, Evernote becomes increasingly more valuable and powerful the more information you have in it. If you reference another Note, just right click on the referenced Note, Copy the Note Link and paste it into your working Note. Now 

Hack: Create Indexes

1. Create Index Notes for current projects and add them to your Shortcuts for quick reference.
2. As you create new Notes dealing with the project, just add the Note's link to the Index.
3. At Lowes and forgot what paint colors you needed to get mixed? Go to the Index in your Shortcuts, find the "Paint Colours" link and it'll take you straight to the Note.


Search for Text in Images

Evernote built in a feature that converts text within images (including decent handwriting) to searchable text. This function has so many uses - you can get super creative! Snap a picture of some text and search for keywords later to find it!

Hacks: So many...

  • Business Cards
  • Serial Numbers
  • That girl's digits on that napkin
  • Bulletin Postings
  • Meeting Handouts
  • License Plates
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Great Quotes in Books
  • Report Cards
  • Work Schedules


Custom Evernote Email

Evernote gives you a custom email address which you can find by going to Tools->Account Info. Anything emailed to this address is sent directly into your Evernote account.

Hack: Mailing Lists

If you know of a great mailing list that puts out incredible content, get it shipped directly to your Evernote account by using your Evernote email address to sign up. Instead of cluttering up your email inbox, you now have some great reads on the go for when you're sitting in the doctor's office or in traffic.


Duplicate Notes

If you right click on a Note, you'll see an option to "Copy To Notebook..." This function duplicates the Note allowing you to select which Notebook to place it in and whether or not to change up the Tags.

Hack: Templates

1. Create templates for blog posts, emails, memos, reports etc. and Tag them with a "Templates" tag.
2. When you need one, find the template and "Copy to Notebook"
3. Now you have a duplicate of the template which you can edit with no changes to the original


Record Audio

This underused feature of Evernote allows you to record an audio file from within your Note. Just click on the microphone to start it up! It will save the audio file directly to the Note.

Hack: Meetings/Classes/Presentations

1. Create a new Note for the event
2. Begin the recording
3. Take notes as usual within the same Note
4. If you missed something, you've got the audio to listen to right there
5. Use Evernote-promoted app, Quicktate, to get the audio transcribed
6. Sell the transcription to classmates who hate taking notes =)


Encrypt Text

Evernote allows you to encrypt selected text within a Note by hitting [Win: Control+Shift+X Mac: Command+Shift+X]. Set an encryption passphrase, add a hint if you so choose, and watch it transform the content into a nice little locked package.

Hack: Password Safe

1. Create a master list of your accounts/passwords
2. Encrypt each of the passwords
3. All you have to remember is that one Evernote encryption passphrase
4. Add the list to your Shortcuts menu for quick access

Header Image Source: iMore