Spotting the Fool’s Gold in Your Life

The mineral Pyrite is an iron sulfide with a pale yellow hue and metallic luster that gives it the appearance of gold earning it the nickname “Fool’s Gold.” So while, on the surface, it has the appearance of value, in reality, it’s just another rock. I feel like life can present you with a lot of Fool’s Gold that looks really wonderful at first glance. But on further inspection, you realize you’ve been given a dud.

How many activities, investments or relationships give the illusion of something valuable? How much time or money is spent on rocks instead of gold? Being able to spot the Fool’s Gold in our lives is incredibly important, so here are a few questions that might help you spot it:

  1. Does it serve others?
  2. Does it fit within one of my areas of focus?
  3. Does it utilize the talents that I have?

If you start by filtering it through whether or not it serves others, you can begin evaluating its worth. If it is ONLY self-serving, think long and hard before adopting it as a steady part of your life. Secondly, filter by your areas of focus — it’ll help weed out a lot of things that might seem attractive at first glance but won’t hold your attention for very long. Finally, if it isn’t utilizing your talents, there’s a better way you could be used within that area of focus. At this point however, especially if the area of focus is ultra competitive, you may have to stick it out for a while until a better option opens up just so you can be in close proximity to what you would rather be spending your time on.

If you’ve answered yes to all three questions, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Purpose lies at the intersection of services, passion and skill. Center yourself between those and you’ll find your sweet spot.