Do you need a love letter?

The loose gravel felt sharp under my bare feet as I walked down the driveway toward the road. It made me wince and lift my foot up quickly before carefully taking my next step. I walked slowly - partially because of the gravel, partially because I enjoyed this walk and didn't quite want it to end.

At the end of the driveway, our black mailbox with its red-orange flag folded to its side stood there with a surprise inside. As I pulled the lid down and reached inside, my hand grasped a pile of mail - larger than usual. Closing the lid, I began the slow walk back toward the house as I thumbed through the pieces of mail in my hands. Bills. Photoshop User Magazine (yay!). More bills... there it was. I smiled as I drew a letter out of the pile with my name handwritten across the front.

After dropping the mail off on the kitchen table, I opened my letter to read what I knew would be a heartwarming tale from my friend. Every line had me smiling. Or crying. Or laughing. Maybe it wasn't written in such eloquent style as Thomas Jefferson's letters to his nephew, but the emotional connection wasn't to be found in the writing style - it was in the beautiful cursive, the scrawled signature and the little stick-figure drawing in the margin. It was my friend.

Excited for the chance to converse in such a personal, yet often forgotten medium, I grabbed a sheet of paper out of my notebook and began crafting a letter in reply. I didn't think too hard about the transitional sentences, nor about proper punctuation. I just talked to my friend and let myself write, free from the critical writer's voice in my head.

One page. Two. Four. I finally folded it into thirds and slipped the sheets into an envelop which I addressed by hand. In just a few days, as they walk barefoot down their driveway and open the lid of their mailbox, I hope they too will smile upon seeing their name handwritten across the front of a letter.

I'd love to write you a letter! =)

no spam mail. just a love letter

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