Someone appointed you their mentor... now what?

Before, when I have written on the idea of a Guide, I have spoken in terms of you finding those respected heroes in your life to guide you (here are my guides) through your journeys. At the very end of this post, however, I pointed out the somewhat frightening thought that we might very well be someone else's guide, whether we know it or not! *Begin Frantic Panicking Now* But what does that mean?!? No one ever tells us what it means to be a guide. How the heck are we supposed to mentor someone? I've identified four things (I'm sure there're more.. don't freak out) that I believe guides are called to do.


As someone who has "been there done that", we have the unique position of being able to show others what CAN be.


Thanks to the changing landscape of the internet, everyone has been empowered with the ability to publish. Music, images, words... it can all be put out there for free. Give what only you can give and equip others as Obi Wan Kenobe did Luke Skywalker.


One quality of the bearded old sage is their wisdom. If it weren't for Gandalf's cryptic messages, Frodo would have never overcome evil. Guides must be ready to offer counsel that changes the way their younglings think.


This one is perhaps one of the most counter-intuitive methods of setting yourself up as a guide. Referrals. Knowing when you don't have all the knowledge and outsourcing the inspiration, equipping and counseling to others who might be a better Guide in that area. Thankfully, this can be used to your advantage by creating less work on your part as far as content creation, however, it is still imperative that you refer people to the best as they will act as a reflection on your expertise.


Congratulations on being someone's mentor, by the way. That's pretty cool.

Just remember this...

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
— Plutarch