How to Organize Your Clothing Using the KonMari Method

If you've spent much time in the minimalism/simple living space, surely you'll have heard of the KonMari method. If not... you're welcome.

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organization consultant who has made a name for herself through her meticulous and systematized approach to reducing clutter and organizing everything that remains. You can find her methods outlined in her book Spark Joy. Before I found out that simple living was a thing, I had come to similar conclusions about possessions through my own experiences (read my story here) and had implemented one of Marie's most basic principles - keep only that which sparks joy in your life. As a result of adopting that philosophy while in college, I got rid of approximately 70% of my closet, taking several garbage bags worth of clothes to Goodwill.

Despite having rid myself of excess clothing, I was still lacking any sort of structure to keep my clothes organized and quickly accessible. This is where the remainder Marie's system kicks in. Here are a few gifs from illustrating her method of folding clothes. The idea is to fold them into tight, rectangular stand-alone blocks that can be placed horizontally in a drawer for quick reference and accessibility.

I decided it was about time that I stopped stacking my clothes so that I didn't have to dig through a pile in my dresser to find a shirt at the bottom. Inevitably I would always unfold a couple of shirts in the process. Implementing this method of folding and organization has transformed my dresser drawers from being messy and disheveled to both (semi)pleasing to look at and user friendly.