The learners inherit the future.

There's no doubt that the last 100 years have been a time of explosive growth and innovation. Communication has evolved from the telegraph to FaceTime. Careers have evolved from pension plans at big companies to the “Gig Economy” where people make a living off of $5 gigs. Transportation has evolved from fickle Model T’s to electric cars.

And following the explosion in innovation and growth was the explosion of first generation millionaires. 80% of millionaires in the United States are first generation millionaires. The reason, I believe, can be summed up in a quote by Eric Hoffer:

In a time of drastic change, it’s the learners who inherit the future.
— Eric Hoffer

So much change has been taking place and the folks adapting to the changing tide are not only surviving but thriving. For some careers, if we’re not future-proofing ourselves through the adoption of new skills, our skill sets will soon become obsolete. This isn’t meant to be discouraging but rather encouraging, because it means you’re given the chance to succeed at something new as many times as you’re willing to try.

Here are a few soft skills that will prepare you to either disrupt your industry for good or ride the rising tide:

  • writing
  • design
  • speaking
  • coding
  • observation
  • networking
  • business

Learn with vigor — never stop learning. There’s so much in this world to be discovered and now, more so than ever, we have nearly unlimited access to that information.

You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.