Life is a Gift to be Enjoyed

God could have made us all the same - no genetic differences, no unique personalities, no individual passions or talents. He could have made the world in black and white. He could have made food to have one purpose: to fuel our bodies. He could have made everything stagnant with no growth and no life - as a stone.

But He didn't...

He gave us sunsets painted in vibrant oranges, pinks and reds. He gave us the savory goodness of a steak and the sweet, crisp crunch of a fresh apple. He gave us the grand, towering redwoods and the majestic, snow-capped mountains. He gave us the ability to enjoy the euphoria of love and to be inspired by the creative results of innovation. We can think, dream, explore, connect, experience.

Don't live mediocre. God gave us beauty to be enjoyed - so enjoy it.

Get excited about your passions! Enjoy them! Learn new things and USE them to glorify your Creator who gave them to you!

Jacob Jolibois