It's 6:00am and you're late for life.


There is a constant war being waged in your mind. A war between your wants and your needs. Armies of voices in your head will tell you that you need to turn off the alarm and lay back down. But don't listen to them. Listen to the small voice in the back of your head that is whispering...

Get up.

5:00am comes early but you don't have to let it put you back to sleep. Listen to the alarm, get up. Your day starts now. What sort of precedent will you set? A day that begins with failure is mediocre.

Begin with a win.

Small wins repeated over and over will build momentum, garnering the speed, the torque and the willpower to move forward. Every day is a a series of small opportunities for you to be better than you were yesterday - to make choices that seem inconsequential but the sum of which shape who you are.

Don't stop.

Look toward the end goal and endure the discomfort. Understand that motivation sometimes only comes from within and your willingness to obey that internal drive is what will lead to greatness.


You've got it - the end is near. Push through the longest three miles, the heaviest three reps, the earliest 5:00am, the fiercest writers block, the 100th cup of coffee that morning. The end, while sweet, isn't what is great. Your journey - the distance between zero and one - is what will make you great. Finish strong and prove to yourself who you can be.

You can be great.

I wrote this post when I woke up early and nearly fell asleep at my keyboard this morning. Then I found this Nike commercial called "Welcome to the Grind" and it's totally worth watching because it basically says the same thing but in an awesome voice.