Negativity is noise.

Life is hard. Harder for some than others. But in general, everyone has a lot of balls in the air. Budgeting, car maintenance, cleaning the house, committee meetings, career, Church, soccer practice, yard work… you get the idea. All of that activity piles up and two things start to happen.

We get overwhelmed and don’t have the headspace to process all of the good.

It’s a survival instinct, really. When we have a lot of things fighting for our attention, we look to the things that are making our lives more difficult (example: a predator or lack of food) because those things generally require our immediate attention. So in our lives, when things are going peachy and then we get a flat, it’s easy for that single flat tire, and the 2-3 hours of headache spent dealing with it, to consume our thoughts to a point where our day, maybe even our week, is ruined.

We get overwhelmed which breaks down our verbal filters.

Even for people who generally have a good bit of tact, when crap hits the fan, what’s one of the first things to go? Our language filter. We just word vomit everything we’re thinking because we’re not focused on filtering what’s coming out of our mouths, we’re focused on the crap that the fan is currently mulching our living room with.

So that leaves us where? In a negative state of mind and spreading that negative state of mind to those around us. It’s a pretty nasty place to be because it affects our attitude and, consequently, our reactions to our circumstances. When this happens, we need to be grounded — we need to come back to a simple, more beautiful state of mind, rid of all of the chaos and overwhelm.

Negativity is noise.
— Tory Burch

Tory Burch said it beautifully when she quipped, “Negativity is noise.” It’s that irritating radio frequency that screws up every other channel around it. We just have to keep adjusting the knob until we tune in to that one frequency that the negative noise can’t touch.

And when we dial in that strong signal, the headache goes away and in its place is a melody.