Obscurity is Your License to Experiment

One million views on YouTube. One hundred thousand Instagram followers. Half a million likes on Facebook. That's what so many artists covet isn't it? The recognition — the eyes on their work. To get noticed, to be praised and to be criticized because even the haters are proof that your work is getting seen. And that's what every artist hopes for. A chance to be seen.

But we're not alway granted that stage. At least not immediately. And while it might seem unfair that others are receiving praise for work that's less than stellar, we've been granted a gift in disguise. Obscurity gives us the license to experiment. To pursue new ventures, to take risks, to accept the possibility of failure and to embrace the process. When thousands of people are peering into your world through 4.5 inch screens, the pressure to show up day after day and give the people what they came for can give you tunnel vision. It's much more difficult to leave the path that you've set for yourself because now you're expected to perform.

So use your freedom now to create what you want to create. Or don't create what you don't want to create because no one's telling you that you have to. And who knows... whatever you create next might be the hit single that turns all eyes on you.