How Big is the Story You're Telling

Everything we do tells a story. From our career, to our iPhone pictures, to the way we raise our family — it’s all a part of a narrative that is your life. And the story that we tell is largely up to us. Of course, you have circumstances that impact the way people see you, but even in those moments when you’re cast in a negative light, you have an opportunity to respond and that response, as you can imagine, tells a part of your story.

While it might seem as though the story we tell is a story about a single character - us - we actually have the opportunity to tell different sized stories. Stories with a thickening plot. With multi-dimensional characters. With a lot of drama or a lot of humor. And every story we tell has a radius.

Here’s what I mean. If we are walking our dog in the park, the radius of the story we’re telling to the world is about five feet in diameter — you and the dog. If you’re an ambassador for a social good organization, the story you’re telling gets larger — you’re telling a story about the people in your city that you’re trying to serve. If you’re the founder of a company that’s creating a product that will solve the global water crisis, you’re telling an even bigger story — a story of humanity and it’s fight to survive.

So when we think about what we’re telling the world through the way we live, I think we should consider the radius of the story we’re telling. I truly believe that we should be telling a story that’s bigger than ourselves. In particular, we should be telling the story of the Gospel — a story thousands of years old that affects every person from every race, creed, gender or background. Because when it comes down to it, that’s truly the only story that matters.