The Negative Side Effects of Remembrance

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to sour your mood simply by remembering a particularly negative event in your mind? And how, if dwelled upon for too long, the malice, betrayal, hate, jealousness or greed that flames up upon remembrance is amplified? When it's late at night and you're lying in bed trying to fall asleep, your mind is a powerful force for unhappiness, adding ill intent where there was little more than forgetfulness and adding betrayal where there was little more than ignorance, until the memory hardly resembles truth.

Our general happiness is closely related to our ability to NOT remember when we have been wronged. To forgive and forget. To move on and stop dwelling in the past.

It is clear that any negative thought, if fertilized with repeated recall can develop into a real mind monster, breaking down confidence and paving the way toward serious psychological difficulties.
— The Magic of Thinking Big


There is no better resolution for moving through difficult memories than forgiveness. Letting go of the past and wiping the slate clean can be rehabilitating for both you and others involved in the situation. It allows you to forget and move on.


Perhaps you're reliving the past too often because you're not living fully in the present. Pursue what you love, surround yourself with an encouraging, supportive community and invest in the present.


Many of the successful people in this world attribute their resilience, their innovation, and their character to the difficult events of their past. Some even take action to rid the world of similar events. In any case, what was done to you is less important than how you respond to it. As bad as it may seem, you are stronger and can rise above it.