What would happen if you reverse the 7 Deadly Sins?

I'm sure that you have heard of the 7 Deadly Sins (or at least seen the movie Se7en): Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride.

What would happen if, taking a cue from Scripture, we lived in such a way as to do the reverse of such sins?


Imagine the absence of lust for a moment. Porn wouldn't be such a disgustingly large industry, rape would disappear, the sex trade would dwindle, women wouldn't be objectified... too many reasons exist that would seem to deter people from this sin of lust. The travesty is that our sin nature introduces itself over and over again.

REVERSE: Purging lust from our lives allows us to see and love others for who they are with a fuller love. (Tweet This)



Yikes... I know, all too well, the savory lure of a juicy steak or a bowl of gumbo. Us folks down here in Louisiana do food right and if my eating habits keep up I'm gonna try out for the part of Santa Clause when my metabolism waves goodbye. This past summer as my friend and I backpacked across Europe, we ate our weight a hundred times over in PB&J's. Let me tell you, I had never experienced food lust in my life until those last few weeks. We would check out a stranger's dinner like most guys check out the ladies. It was bad.

REVERSE: Eat until full, then stop. Food is not wasted and our bodies are not overworked. Savor each bite of your shared spaghetti dinner with the Lady (or the Tramp). (Tweet This)



I've been coming to the realization that experiences outweigh things in the big picture. Small house, hand-me-down jeans, iPhone 4, 2003 Honda Civic and all the adventure this world can offer? Sign me up. Late-night, fire-side jam sessions, Christmas caroling, star gazing with your boo, kayaking down rapids, baking cookies... that stuff matters, man. Not stuff.

REVERSE: Live comfortably - you don't have to be homeless. But focus on learning to cherish the moments and not the souvenirs. (Tweet This)



It's one of those days isn't it... 1:00pm is too early? 'Nuf said.

REVERSE: Have a little self-respect. Change out of those ratchet sweatpants, stop turning "getting out of work" into an art form and do something worth talking about. Life is way too cool to be Netflix binging every night. (Tweet This)



I've never been one to struggle in the wrath department but I know people who do. It's tough, especially when life keeps throwing crap against your wall. Anger is far too easy to succumb to because it lifts you up while simultaneously putting others down. It's actually linked to Pride (#7) in a pretty big way.

REVERSE: People make mistakes - sometimes intentionally. But their petty attempts at riling you up don't have to pierce the skin. Do you know how powerful a smile and a kind word is when countering a wrathful attitude? It's fun, you should try it some time. (Tweet This)



When I was a little kid, my friend next door had this cool, little toy beeper. It looked just like the ones that our dad's would wear at work except that it was made out of translucent, green plastic. If you pressed buttons on it, it would beep just like our dads beepers too. I was so jealous of his toy beeper that one day, when he had left it out on a table on his front porch, I slipped it into my pocket. Now, of course, I was made to take it back and apologize but geeze louise, I wanted it so bad. Envy, has the potential to sever relationships, agonize your mind and callous your heart.

REVERSE: Share in the joys and successes of others! Congratulate them, celebrate with them... even be in awe of them, but leave it there. Be content. (Tweet This)



I've written about pride in my book - it's an issue that has been a constant battle for me. I realize that all good and perfect things come from the Father of Lights, that I am nothing without my Savior, that my talents, aptitudes and even my personality are all products of a purposeful, divine designer and I can take no credit. But I love the credit. Pats on the back, atta-boy's and trophies feel too good.

REVERSE: Put your life into perspective. You want fame? Understand this - the creator of the universe knows your name. Nothing else matters. (Tweet This)