A Few Thoughts on Putting Down Roots

I was recently talking with one of my friends about the concept of putting down roots. Calling a place home and settling in. For a long time, I thought that idea was boring, un-adventurous and a bit too traditional for me. I had plans to see the world, move often and maybe live overseas for a year. To me, anything other than that life was giving up on the lifestyle of adventure and non-conformity that I wanted for myself.

But then, as I began building a community and investing in it, opportunities began to present themselves. Opportunities that I couldn’t pass up. Opportunities that I wouldn’t have had if I had spent the last two years in a cycle of uprooting, building a new community and then repeating. And when I began embracing those opportunities, I found a new love that contrasted quite beautifully with my love for traveling — a love for home.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up on my love for traveling or my dreams to see the world. I’ve been blessed to see 16 countries and it has only just wet my appetite. In fact, I’ll be in Portugal later this year. But I’ve realized the power of putting down roots.

Here’s to home. Cheers!