Searching for Something Heavenly

It isn't so often that you are left in awe. True awe, so otherworldly that your lack of words is a noticeable weight upon you. Last night happened to be one of those nights.

As we are traveling through Venice, Italy, a friend of mine and I picked up tickets to see Antonio Vivaldi's "Le Quattro Stagioni" (Four Seasons) performed in the prestigious Ateneo di San Basso in San Marco square. It was one of those rare cultural experiences where every detail falls together to construct a perfect memory. After sipping on a light, white wine at a small, river-front restaurant, we walked briskly to the concert hall to the staccato rhythm of a fairly heavy rain. Despite our sopping wet appearance, we managed to throw on a tie and a coat and look halfway presentable; at least comparable with the other soggy audience members.

The orchestra walked out to applause and we all settled into our seats to enjoy the show. I had grown up hearing Vivaldi's music - specifically Four Seasons - and was familiar with many of the pieces, however, in spite of my acquaintance with the music, it's complexity and genius were entirely lost on me. Until last night, that is.

Piece after piece was played leaving me either slack-jawed, forgetting to breathe or on the verge of laughing in sheer wonder! Fingers flitted up and down the neck of the instruments, bows were delicately pulled across the strings at such rapid paces that the horsehairs began to snap and the music marinated in the acoustic spaces of the concert hall.

Nearly 300 years later the carefully crafted art work of this composer is continuing to lift people from their seats and take them on a tour of light, shadow, happiness, sadness, vibrant colours, quick movements, romantic desires and joyous laughter.

Seek after these moments, for in those moments you are given a reflection of something heavenly.