Square One Part I: Life is complicated? Start here.

Life has a way of getting complicated quickly. Facts and opinions get muddled, emotions run wild and something always manages to go wrong. In a world where seemingly nothing is concrete, objective or steadfast, it's just a matter of time before we are confused and struggling to stay afloat amongst the onslaught of ideas and content.

As I've matured in my faith, it has become less a piece of my life - one more confusing piece to life's puzzle - and more a vehicle for my life. Like a comb, it has this crazy ability to straighten out the tangles and the knots that have a habit of tying themselves despite my best efforts to prevent against them.

This series will focus on the practical, down-to-earth ways in which an active faith simplifies our lives.

The first, most obvious and most relevant is that we have a stable position from which to assess and approach the world. Archeologists and historians approach the world through the lens of the past. Psychologists approach the world through the lens of the mind. Lawyers approach the world through the lens of structure and rules. Economists approach the world through the lens of supply and demand. Physicists and biologists approach the world through science.

In each case, the primary point of reference is different. This means that two people standing in the same spot (if that were possible), subject to the same circumstances will perceive what's in front of them in two totally unique ways. This isn't new information.

So how do we decide what is true, what is negotiable, what is valuable or what is evil? This sort of thing is far too complex to leave to the opinions of the media... yet that's what we so often do, isn't it?

Faith is the cornerstone from which we can build our lives so that each block is firmly squared away against what we KNOW to be true. Scripture and prayer open up worlds of understanding about the life we live.

No more guessing. No more doubting. Simple.