6 Check-Points Along the Road to Success

Guest Post by Bicky Singh, Co-Founder of Clover Wallet

When I was a kid, my mom would come into my room and clean everything from the floor and under the bed.  This always frustrated me because I no longer knew exactly where everything was! I think many can relate to that. When I grew up and went off to college, I remained the same but there was no mommy to come clean my room for me. I remember at one point I had piles of things all over and I would have to throw things around and get through the pile just to find what I was looking for.

Although I was like that, I still tried to organize 2 or 3 times a year…which trust me, is a big hassle when you have a big mess. But every time I did, it made me a more productive individual for a short while until things got cluttered again. Over time I came to realize how important it was for me to be organized, or have a clean environment the very least; however knowing how good a thing for you is not enough…you have to act on it.

I knew I had to begin somewhere, so I started with my bi-annual routine of cleaning the place up, but instead of putting old things in a box or a bag to put on the side so the place looks clean, I decided to throw things away. This can be a hard step for some, but a good step forward. Then I picked out things that were necessary and put everything else away. This made me realize that the stuff I put away wasn’t really something I needed, so I got rid of that stuff as well. Soon, I had a healthy environment and good habits of keeping a clean de-cluttered room. (Keep in mind that this did not happen over night!)

Now I was ready to take a similar step in my life! I had to do many of the things Jacob mentions in Story Arc. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It’s a short summarized read for what I learned over a span of 3-4 years! Don’t expect to make those changes over a few days, it takes time to change, but if you have an action plan and a goal you are striving toward, you are ahead of the crowd!


1. Invest in Yourself

Being a student at the time, I was very “busy”. I had classes to take, labs to do, and parties to attend. I came across a business venture and although I was smart enough to get involved, I was not smart enough to take full advantage of it at the time. From that business venture, I was introduced to self development books, and from that day forward, my life was not the same.

I learned how to really de-clutter my life. I thought I had de-cluttered my life by living simply with the things I owned, when really, it’s so much more! I began to realize where I was spending my time and starting thinking more about what I was doing with my life. Everyone in the world has 24 hours in a day. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, the homeless man at the corner of the street, and even the HULK! It’s HOW you spend it that really counts. I realized I had all the time in the world for what I wanted to enjoy as long as I made time for it! It’s a weird concept, but if you think about it, you make time for what you want to make time for. For some, that may mean making the time to play with your kids, or making the time to call your mom and tell her how much you love her and hear what she’s up to, while to others it means catching up on an episode of Breaking Bad!


2. Be Coachable

As time went on, I began to organize my life based on priorities. I made a list of goals with dates on them and took advantage of the wise insights from my mentors to set up a game plan to achieve those goals. I was kind of nervous about writing this blog but now it is coming pretty easy to me…I feel there are pages and pages to be written on the importance of mentorship! You can find a mentor in any and all aspects of your life. Find someone who is where you want to be in a specific part of your life and ask that person to guide you and you will be surprised how many people are willing to help! If you want to be where someone is spiritually, they can be your spiritual mentor. If you someone to be where someone is financially, have them be your financial mentor!


3. Get Started; Stay Steady; Don’t Quit

I began to achieve different goals in my life. I started my own business in marketing and business development with the guidance of my mentors and started along the journey of entrepreneurship. I learned a lot in the process, enough to give me the knowledge and confidence to win start-up competitions in Sacramento, Davis, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco! The same knowledge I applied to launching a new Kickstarter campaign with an innovative outlook on holding your cash, cards, and keys (Clover Wallet). Without having learned these principals of success I would not have been able to wake up one night with an idea and the next day start the process of bringing that idea to life. Everything is born twice; once in someone’s mind, then when it’s created! Now there’s a lot that goes into bringing an idea to life… let’s just say true success comes from failure haha
Its okay to be down sometimes and it’s okay to fail, but it’s not okay to STAY down and not get up. I’m sure many of you have heard this, but the opposite of success is not failure, its quitting! And “quitting’ is a word you have to take out from the dictionary of your life. My mentor often says, “You’re going to succeed or you’re going to make excuses.” So understand that your success in any endeavor will not come automatically, and failing is to be expected along the way to success. In fact, you can learn to celebrate failure! Now keep in mind, I am not saying failing is always a good thing; what I’m saying is that you can learn from your failures and get one step closer to success from what you have learned. If you’re a winner, you are going to win and the struggle is what makes you strong.


4. Identify Clear Goals

Before you get in your car, you usually have an exact destination in mind; the same goes for life. You have to have precise goals outlining exactly what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it. You have to identify clear goals, stay laser-focused and do whatever it takes. Once you set your mind to something, you have to have that single minded focus on your goals and make that the priority and every decision you make is based on it will bring you closer to your goals or not. Do you see your success? You may not reach your goal the first time around, but it’s not a question whether you can dream, it’s how long you can dream.

The Kickstarter campaign we are launching now was planned to be launched in mid-December and we had goals written to guide us. “On Dec. 15 we will have the prototypes done and a video made with this number of subscribers on our webpage.” But we realized it’s much harder to launch a campaign than it looks. So we took a step back, re-wrote our goals for January and mid-way realized we need to change it to February. Now, every time we changed the goals we were not thinking we can just change it; we acted as if it is set in stone. Even though we came across great obstacles, we did not just change our mind and give up on this project and work on another. Couple of the things that made things seem a little overwhelming were:

  • Finding out how hard it was to meet our budget
  • Having to change design due to the manufacturing process
  • Being under a time-crunch to get the website running
  • Meeting a deadline for Kickstarter
  • Taking care of legal aspects of an e-commerce product
  • Getting everything in place to launch
  • Planning everything from the raw material to the packaging and shipping

But if your goals are clear and your dream of achieving them is strong enough, the facts don’t count. Now we have manufactures in place, with an impeccably designed product using the finest materials to offer the best to our customers!

5. Be Consistent and Persistent

One of the entrepreneurs I really look up to, who has a huge business that is present in over 80 different countries always says that the way she built her business was simply by doing a little bit every day. When you look at successful people you only see their success, not the struggles they faced and the hardships they overcame in order to get to where they are. If you read Forbes or any other magazines, you will see how many successful people have the same way of looking at life. These success principals are universal. My personal belief is that you can achieve anything in life if you stay persistent and consistent.

6. Define your Success

What does “success” mean to you? For one person it can mean making a million dollars a year when to another it can mean having a small house with a spouse and a child. You have to look inside and spend some time in thinking about what really drives you! If you had all the money and time in the world, what would you like to do with your life? This is something I encourage everyone to take time to do because these are the things that will push you back up when you fall and keep you going when you feel you have failed.

Personally, what drives me is my mother. She single-handedly raised 3 awesome boys. She has worked hard her whole life and I remember the times we walked miles to get groceries and then walked back with them. I remember her having two jobs and working non-stop to help her kids not feel the absence of money. She raised us with a strong work ethic and my dream is to help her retire and take her on a first-class trip to Europe. I also want many others succeed in their businesses! A mentor of mine defines success by the amount of people he has helped and I agree with him. I want to have impacted the lives of many out there in a positive way and offer the same opportunities I have been offered.

Bicky Singh started off at UC Davis as a pre-med student but now runs his own Marketing and Business Development business. Two things I love most are helping others and my mom's cooking. I'm very passionate about entrepreneurship and my dreams and goals!