I have a sneaking suspicion...

There’s been a lot of suspicion lately. Of Whites. Of Blacks. Of Republicans. Of Democrats. Of Christians. Of Non-Christians. And though suspicion may be rooted in terrible experiences, no good will grow from it. Suspicion breeds mistrust. And mistrust breeds divisiveness.

I pray that the suspicion that has permeated racial, political and religious tensions wouldn’t find its way into the Church. Because the truth is, if you are looking for brokenness in the Church, you’ll find it. If you’re looking for a reason to to hate or disassociate yourself with someone, chances are you’ll find a reason. We’re human. We screw up. And if suspicion takes over your mind, you’ll live a life never trusting anyone again.

We’re called to love — through the pain, through the struggles, through the sin. Even if it means opening ourselves up to getting hurt. Anytime we love someone, we're vulnerable. But that comes with the mission to love unconditionally as Christ loved the Church. When we look at someone and see only what we suspect — if we can’t see the person that God has called them to be — then how are we to encourage them in their fight to become that person?