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A Huge 2014 Thank You to the Readers

The Archer's Guild isn't even a year old - it began May 5th of this year. But it has evolved one tiny tweak at a time. I'm thankful for all of you who have been diligent readers, who have taken a few minutes to leave a comment (I love hearing y'alls insight!), who have encouraged me to continue writing, who have offered up suggestions to improve TAG. It's been an incredible seven months with you guys. I wanted to let y'all have a peek at what we've done. Here's a quick look at the numbers for 2014.

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I FAILED a few of my 2014 goals

2014 was an incredible year for me, full of "firsts," full of adventure and full of transition.

I don't remember setting up any formal New Years Resolutions for myself. I scoured my room and computer anyway and couldn't find any written down anywhere. Shame on me. However, I know that I made two resolutions in my head, both of which which I completed so I guess that counts for something.

1. [CHECK] Read one book every two weeks or 26 books over the course of the year (I've read 30 so far and the year's not over - here are some of my favorites)

2. [CHECK] Publish my first book before my 22nd birthday (which was my Golden birthday, by the way)

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Jolibois Family Christmas Picture 2014

Traditions are one of those subtle things that makes home, home. Even if it's an absolutely horrible tradition, like fruitcake. Do we even need to have that discussion? Either way, I'm a huge advocate of tradition, but - like inside jokes - the best ones aren't planned. They evolve over the years because a person or group enjoys doing something every year and it becomes a staple that everyone would miss if it didn't happen.

One such tradition for us, sort of fell into our laps - the annual Jolibois Family Christmas Picture.

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