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Do you know how to napkin?

Doodles, by their very nature, are non-threatening.

I mean, seriously... doodles? Rather than have religious doctrine laid out in front of you in all its complexity and depth for the first time, wouldn't you rather your friend buy you a cup of coffee and ask the barista for a few extra napkins to doodle on? See, here's the cool part about it - no one expects doodles to convey the complexities. No one sketches a Rembrandt and expects the viewer to stand in awe or examine the play of light and color or admire the details... because you can't. So if you ask an art aficionado to give you a beginner's lesson on Rembrandt and he pulls out a napkin and his sketch pen, you don't freak out. You expect simply to hit the highlights - to ski the bunny slopes. In the same vein, when you pull out a napkin to share the Gospel, your listener doesn't expect incredibly daunting theology to be thrust upon them but rather a crash course. With a napkin, the concept is so utterly familiar that you feel like, at least on a rudimentary level, you can understand it! No one is afraid of a napkin.

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ARROWS: an introduction and highlights (Video)

Post-release, my dream was to eventually see ARROWS and the Story Arc worksheet circulated and assimilated in various communities. One community, in particular: Missionaries for America Program ( They are a US-based Missions organization that I have been involved with since 2005ish and they played a tremendous part in my spiritual education and maturation. In fact, it was while I was touring with MAP, during the summer of 2012, that I was inspired to write this book (see Preface)!

In cyclical fashion, they asked if they could use ARROWS as part of the educational materials for the summer program; of course, I agreed! Due to prior engagements that may or may not include kilts, I won't be around this summer to teach it myself. It was requested that I make a short video introducing myself and the book.

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