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3 Tips to Maximize Your Creative Time over the Weekend

When you're excited about a personal project, you'll know. You might get started, intending only to spend thirty minutes on it, but when you look up at your clock and hours have past without you knowing... that's when you're on to something. You become engrossed in it, even to the point of skipping meals and forgetting to go to the bathroom until it's almost too late.

The problem? It's a side project - it's not our real job. We can't spend eight hours a day on this project. We have to resort to filling in the cracks of our schedule, in between work and the kid's soccer practice, after date night, or on the weekends.

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What comes first, the action or the passion?

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things to do is to listen to people speak about the things they are passionate about. This is the reason I'm clinically obsessed with TED talks. Perhaps you know how I feel. When the person believes in what they are saying with all of their being, you can see it in their eyes, in their expression, in the way they walk. That sort of euphoric love of something is contagious. I don't even have to like whatever the topic is - it could be biology - and I'll sit on the edge of my seat grinning from ear to ear as I listen to this person go on and on about microbes and slime.

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How to Produce a Music Festival with $0.00

In a world of apathy and mediocrity, accomplishing anything real can seem kind of impossible. If you find yourself struggling to take action, then keep reading. The chart below outlines how to get things done. Ready? Here we go:

  1. Find what you want to do
  2. Do it

Seriously. It’s just that easy.

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3 Reasons to Get Angry

On September 29, 2014 (National Coffee Day), Highland Coffees announced it would close its doors on Christmas Eve. Highland Coffees is located on Highland Road at the Northgate's of Louisiana State University. It's been an establishment in the community for 25 years. Obviously the shop is often occupied with your average LSU student trying to study, but other patrons of Highland range from businessmen and high schoolers to hipsters and sorority girls. It's truly a melting pot that showcases the diversity of Baton Rouge - and I promise I'm not getting paid by Highland to write this.

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