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The Beauty of Constraints

Rules are a meta-cognitive substitution for willpower. They allow us to eliminate options that won't be good for us, saving us from unnecessarily using willpower to make mundane decisions. For example, you and your spouse might make a rule of, "no Netflix until after we run" and hold each other accountable.

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Walking with Both Eyes Open

Our trip has been a whirlwind - new cities, surreal landscapes and unique opportunities for experiences of a lifetime. And being a photographer, it has been difficult for me to take my eye away from the camera, open up the other and just take it all in. The waterfalls and the moss on the rocks.

Life has a way of sweeping past us one second at a time. The problem with seconds though, is that, like pennies, they add up. Before you know it, you've got a dollar (or a pound, as it may be) and it's tomorrow.

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