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The Men's 5-Step Guide to Classic Style


Digging through old, scratched-up pictures from the 1800's to early 1900's has taught me one thing - we've lost a sense of class. It seemed that no matter what the men of that era were doing, be it working in the fields, selling stock on Wall Street or taking their lady out on the town, they had a touch of class that has since been buried under layers of converse, sagging pants, deep v's and flat-bills. To a certain degree, this has to do with cultural trends, yet despite this shift in fads, you'll notice very little shift in taste -- women are still attracted to the rugged - yet fashionable - man. The men of today who pay attention to the way in which they present themselves from attitude to language to fashion command a high level of attention and respect as much as they did 100 years ago.

I want to provide you dudes who wear ladies pants a few tips on class from the experts. Here are five ways you can spice up your look with less money than your Air Jordans cost.

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