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The Reading List of Theodore Roosevelt

well-read gentleman (or lady) understands the inherent and artistic value of a curated book list. If you are an avid reader already, perhaps you have a collection of authors who's books you eagerly consume and cherish. Collecting a personal library of books is a wonderfully easy (and relatively cheap) way of building a "board of advisors" so to speak. Books are the compact, organized package of knowledge and wisdom from brilliant minds across the centuries making it, easily, one of the most beneficial investments of our time and money.

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14 Reasons I Consume Books Like Bacon

In a time when people are reading almost constantly whether it be a text message or an advertisement, it really is quite incredible how few books are being read. The long-form book is rarely appreciated for what it truly brings to the table. In my own recent efforts to become a better man, I wanted to reacquaint myself with the physical, hard-copy book that I used to know and love. It wasn't until I began reading regularly that I fell in love with reading again. I hope you'll join me in my reading adventures. Perhaps, first, we should look to the benefits of reading. The following fourteen listed here are benefits that I have come to see first-hand in my own life.

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