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I need your help! No obligation, only Compassion.

In America, we see poverty, hunger, homelessness... but rarely to the extent that some children across the world are subject to. Children go shoeless, drink filthy water, sleep under tarps and lack basic education. One of the three prongs of vibrant living is purposeful living - service. Giving back just because we have an opportunity to make a difference. Well, here's your chance!

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ARROWS: an introduction and highlights (Video)

Post-release, my dream was to eventually see ARROWS and the Story Arc worksheet circulated and assimilated in various communities. One community, in particular: Missionaries for America Program ( They are a US-based Missions organization that I have been involved with since 2005ish and they played a tremendous part in my spiritual education and maturation. In fact, it was while I was touring with MAP, during the summer of 2012, that I was inspired to write this book (see Preface)!

In cyclical fashion, they asked if they could use ARROWS as part of the educational materials for the summer program; of course, I agreed! Due to prior engagements that may or may not include kilts, I won't be around this summer to teach it myself. It was requested that I make a short video introducing myself and the book.

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