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Jolibois Family Christmas Picture 2014

Traditions are one of those subtle things that makes home, home. Even if it's an absolutely horrible tradition, like fruitcake. Do we even need to have that discussion? Either way, I'm a huge advocate of tradition, but - like inside jokes - the best ones aren't planned. They evolve over the years because a person or group enjoys doing something every year and it becomes a staple that everyone would miss if it didn't happen.

One such tradition for us, sort of fell into our laps - the annual Jolibois Family Christmas Picture.

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The Impact of Thanksgiving on Christmas

The holiday season is notoriously stressful. Between shopping for dozens of people, decorating the house and tree, cooking extravagant, multi-course meals and being crowded into tiny spaces with lots of family members, you can empathize, I'm sure. The insanity and chaos that ensues from traditions such as Black Friday certainly doesn't help either.

As I sat in Sunday School yesterday morning, our teacher brought up a rather cool connection. I'm sure many of you smart cookies out there have already drawn this conclusion but it was new to me! He said that Thanksgiving comes at a time of year that perfectly precedes the Christmas season because it buffers the onslaught of Holiday stress with a time of gratitude. Though the histories of the two holidays are not related, it's quite incredible how one acts as the gate keeper for the other. The practice of being grateful that is often encouraged during the Thanksgiving holidays primes the heart and mind with contentment. As a result, you're more likely to have a greater focus on family and friends, more apt to give even if you don't receive and more inclined to get through the daily grind with minimal stress.

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My NTF policy on Christmas...

I put my tree up a week ago. Sue me.

When it comes to Christmas, I operate by a strict NTF policy - November to February. When 11-01 rolls around, the tree is going up and the tunes are coming on.

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