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An Invitation to Intimacy

In the military, officers and drill sergeants are tasked with the grueling responsibility of breaking down a civilian and building them back up as a soldier. In the process, recruits have every metaphorical rug yanked from beneath them — comfort, victory, security, love, belonging... all stripped away. Pushed to exhaustion and on the verge of collapse, these men and women have only one assurance on which to rely: their brothers and sisters next to them. Story after story is told of men and women who, even when their own personal will to press on had faded, looked to their right and their left and leaned in to the challenges because they refused to let each other down. Within months, complete strangers became family.

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On Quitting Church...

To those who may be angry or confused:

What is Christianity?

To some, it's a systematic approach to the world through a faith-based lense. It simply gives them an easy answer where there wouldn't ordinarily be one. 

To others, it's a crutch upon which Bible-believing scientists, historians and writers get to pass Go! and collect $200, copping out of the "truth".

Many see it as a organized, well-put-together list of rituals and practices that help you rejoice in the good times, take comfort in the bad times and gives you a hope that there is something else out there other than what we can see.

But pure Christianity, stripped of its cultural bells and whistles, is a commitment to knowing Christ. Until we get there, we haven't adopted it truly; we have only adopted the habitual practices - prayer, Church, mission trips, youth lock-ins - that accompany it.

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