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Simplify (Part VII): Cut the Crap

I began writing Part VII on simplifying your possessions. It's a topic that is not only relevant but also incredibly fun to talk about because of its controversial nature. But as I wrote, I began to think a little more about the deeper implications of getting rid of so much stuff and concluded that it isn't your collection of things that needs to be simplified... it's your wants. After purging your home of unnecessary items, you'll find yourself right back where you started in a year if you never learned to quell the incessant desires of a 21st Century mind.

What's beautiful about starting with simplifying your wants is that you'll find yourself purging the valueless and unnecessary things from your life as a natural - almost physical - response to your contentment and gratitude. It approaches the problem rather than the symptoms.

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The Psychology of Your Environment

Everyone who knows me well knows that I like to keep a clean and semi-orderly workspace. In fact, before I sit down to write I grab a cup of coffee, light a candle, put on some instrumental music, and straighten up my space. I always thought it was because I was a neat-freak... but that doesn't make any sense. My car, while uncluttered, has dirt and leaves on the floor mats that I haven't bothered to clean out from my last camping trip. What's the difference between my obsessive need for cleanliness and order in my work space but not in my car? Why don't those traits carry over to every aspect of my life?

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