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The positive impact of quitting on our quality of life.

From a world where websites, social accounts, and movements can come to life within a few hours (if not, minutes), has sprung a new trend: starting something. This growing craze of starting a new project, a new book, a new blog or a new exercise program challenges a very established mental stigma against quitting. Quitting, for obvious reasons, holds a lot of negative connotation. You're not going to have millions of people starting new things without a fair percentage of them quitting half-way through.

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6 Check-Points Along the Road to Success

I knew I had to begin somewhere, so I started with my bi-annual routine of cleaning the place up, but instead of putting old things in a box or a bag to put on the side so the place looks clean, I decided to throw things away. This can be a hard step for some, but a good step forward. Then I picked out things that were necessary and put everything else away. This made me realize that the stuff I put away wasn’t really something I needed, so I got rid of that stuff as well. Soon, I had a healthy environment and good habits of keeping a clean de-cluttered room. (Keep in mind that this did not happen over night!)

Now I was ready to take a similar step in my life! I had to do many of the things Jacob mentions in Story Arc. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It’s a short summarized read for what I learned over a span of 3-4 years! Don’t expect to make those changes over a few days, it takes time to change, but if you have an action plan and a goal you are striving toward…you are ahead of the crowd!

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