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How to Produce a Music Festival with $0.00

In a world of apathy and mediocrity, accomplishing anything real can seem kind of impossible. If you find yourself struggling to take action, then keep reading. The chart below outlines how to get things done. Ready? Here we go:

  1. Find what you want to do
  2. Do it

Seriously. It’s just that easy.

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The Serendipity of Failure

Yesterday, I invited my sister to come over and go through my New Years Resolution Template (you can download it here) with me. A few questions down, I saw that I had added a category entitled “Failures.” At first glance, it was an straightforward question with easy answers. I failed at finding a job right out of college. I failed at meeting my desired blog traffic. I failed at marketing my first book well. In retrospect, I even failed at writing that book - it has some good content, but I know I could do better now.

Yet, despite being labeled a “failure,” each of these shortcomings have led to something meaningful and worthwhile.

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The Secret to Getting Away with Failure

Rarely are people remembered for their failures. Though, often are they immortalized for their successes.

The successes are the brick and mortar of a better humanity, while the failures are simply wadded up and tossed in the trash. Forgotten. History doesn't credit Edison with his 1,000 failed light bulbs. Rather, it will forever tell of the passionate soul who found the one way to make it work.

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