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3 Tips to Maximize Your Creative Time over the Weekend

When you're excited about a personal project, you'll know. You might get started, intending only to spend thirty minutes on it, but when you look up at your clock and hours have past without you knowing... that's when you're on to something. You become engrossed in it, even to the point of skipping meals and forgetting to go to the bathroom until it's almost too late.

The problem? It's a side project - it's not our real job. We can't spend eight hours a day on this project. We have to resort to filling in the cracks of our schedule, in between work and the kid's soccer practice, after date night, or on the weekends.

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You can afford the time; just not the distraction

I know you've had these sorts of days: you're getting some work done and you're in your flow state where everything is happening seamlessly without you having to think about it. You know every step you need to take, two steps before you take it and it's perfect. You're in the midst of creating the best work of your life and then... the phone rings.

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