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3 Steps to a Smoother Life with Evernote

As a blogger, designer, photographer, business owner, author, former student, employee, avid reader, compulsive list maker and more, sometimes my mind can get a little too cluttered and it's in those moments that I need a place to unload it all. For the past several years, Evernote has served that purpose and continues to do so incredibly well. For those that are not familiar with it, it is a digital note-taking application that syncs across all of your devices and can be used to store documents, text, audio, images, lists and more so that you always have access to your information.

In a previous post, "How to Relieve Stress and Create the Best Work of Your Life," I walked you through three steps to help you boost productivity. Those steps included unloading your brain, organizing that information and making it accessible to you at any given time.

As a follow up on those thoughts, I want to walk you through the powerful functions of Evernote and show you why I've chosen it as my tool of choice. I believe that everyone can leverage this tool to help them improve their focus, their productivity, their organization, their creativity and their timeliness.

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